Adding Answers to Short Answer Questions

Often students will answer a "short answer" question with an incorrectly spelled correct answer. For example, the answer is correct and the student enters corect. If you don't want to penalize students for answers that are essentially correct, just misspelt, you can review the answers given and add answers that match the misspelling.

  1. Review the quiz by clicking on the quiz link in your course and then selecting Results and then Statistics in the Administration block on the left of the page.
  2. Scroll down to the short answer question you wish to check and click on the question text.
  3. Scroll down and review the given answers.
  4. Starting at [Did not match any answer], look for an answer that you would accept as correct, even though it did not match your given correct answers.
    • Copy that answer or write it down exactly as you see it.
    • Scroll up to the Question information' section and click on the little gear icon to the right of the Question name.
    • Scroll down and click on the Blanks for 3 More Answers button.
    • Paste or type the additional answer in the Answer X box and change the value in the drop-down list from None to 100%.
    • Repeat for any other answers you wish to add to this question.
    • Click on the Save changes button at the bottom of the page.
  5. The above steps can be repeated for any answer that needs to be added to any question.
  6. Once all changes have been made and you are ready to update marks, click on Results and then Grades in the Administration panel.
  7. Click on the Regrade all button above the students' results. If you wish, you can do Dry run a full regrade first to see what changes will be made.
Grading Long Answer Questions
  1. Click on the test in the main course page.
  2. Click on Attempts: xx (near the top).
  3. Click on Manual grading (near the top).
  4. From the Choose... drop-down menu select the question.
  5. Click on Grade all xx ungraded attempts.
  6. You may want to go to the bottom and click on Save changes after a few minutes so you don't lose your work. This will bring you back to the previous page. Click on Grade all xx ungraded attempts again to continue where you left off. Repeat until you are finished with that question.
  7. From the Choose... drop-down menu select the next question to mark (if any). Continue the process until you are finished with all questions.