Grading Long Answer Questions

  1. Log into ACORN and enter your course.
  2. Click on the appropriate Quiz.
  3. Click on the gear icon gear icon near the top right (1) and select Manual grading (2) (view image).
  4. You will see a collection of useful information here. To grade (1) shows you how many students' answer you have not corrected yet for each question listed. Already graded (2) tells you how many you have already marked. Total (3) simply tells you the total number of times this question was answered. When you are ready to begin marking a particular question, click on the grade all link (4) under the Total column (view image).
  5. You will now see some Options:
    • Attempts to grade allows you to go through either All attempts or only Those that need grading (view image).
    • Questions per page allows you to set how many answers you want to see at a time when marking (view image).
    • Order attempts allows you to set in what order you want the answers to be displayed (view image).
    • Remember to click on the Change options button if you have made any changes (view image).
  6. Now you're ready to mark. For each answer you can enter a Comment (1) and a Mark (2). When you finish marking, click on the Save and go to next page button (3). This will take you to the next group of answers to be marked. When you have graded the last one, this button will return you to the beginning (view image).