Safe Exam Browser (SEB)

The Safe Exam Browser (SEB) plugin for Quizzes helps to limit opportunities to cheat while taking an online exam in Moodle. While helpful, it is not a cure-all. In reality, dedicated students will always find a way to cheat, but this will at least slow them down and make it harder.

If you are planning to use SEB in your course, it is important to create a test Quiz with even just one question to ensure that students have installed the SEB software and are able to take a Quiz BEFORE you use it for a Quiz that has a value in your course. You can set the Maximum grade to 0 (zero) so that test does not interfere with your grading scheme. Or you can make it an easy point to encourage students to prepare. Diagnosing software issues during a midterm or final can be disastrous for you and your students. You can follow the instructions below to set up a simple test Quiz. Be sure to have the students take it a number of days before the real thing. A week would be ideal to allow those with issues to get help from LTID (


Setting Up SEB

Add a quiz as you normally would in your course in Moodle by using the Turn editing on button and adding a Quiz activity.

After adjusting settings as you normally would, expand the Safe Exam Browser section and set Require the use of Safe ExamBrowser to Yes - configure manually. In most cases the default settings can be used.

safe exam browser settings

Now finish your Quiz settings and click on the Save and display button to add questions to your Quiz.

Add your questions and set the Maximum grade for the Quiz.


Taking The Quiz

When students take the test Quiz, they will first see a page with a button to download the SEB software. Of course, they will need to download and install the software before they can click on the second button to launch the SEB. View student instructions.