Quiz Pointers For Faculty

Here are some pointers that may assist you in preparing for and running a Quiz in Moodle.

  • Please inform the appropriate people (LTID, Tech Services, Disability Access) that you are giving an electronic quiz/test/midterm/exam by filling out a brief form at http://examsupport.acadiau.ca. Even if you don't think you will need any assistance, this allows us to be aware in case anything goes wrong, and makes it easier for us to react.
  • When giving a quiz in the classroom, faculty should always take a couple of paper copies of the exam in case of emergencies (e.g. student with hard drive crash). Technology is great, but bad things sometimes happen to good people (and unprepared students).
  • Before the quiz (at least one week is a good idea), tell your students to check the Online Moodle Testing section on the Student Pointers page (click here to view).
  • When giving a quiz in the classroom, it is always a good idea to wander around the classroom peering over students’ shoulders. Your eyes and ears are still the best forms of preventing cheating. It is also best to have at least one more person to help you monitor the room when possible.
  • When giving a quiz in the classroom, you may want to check that submitted quizzes have been received before students close their browsers, shut down their computers, and leave the room. If a student’s quiz has not been received and their browser has been closed, there is a potential for data loss. As long as a network connection is maintained, autosaving occurs every minute, but the message informing students that a connection has been lost is not always paid attention to or noticed.