Why Can't I See My Course In ACORN?

  1. Log into ACORN. You will be redirected to your Dashboard.
  2. The default Course overview will show you (1) In progress courses. If the term hasn't started yet, you will find your up-coming courses by selecting (2) Future from the dropdown. Once the Monday of the first week of classes comes, they will move to (1) In progress. After the term finishes (generally January 1st and May 1st) courses will move to (3) Past (view image).

If you still can't see a course after following these steps, please talk to your department. They can confirm whether or not they have informed the Registrar's Office that you are teaching the course and if all the paperwork has bee taken care of. The Registrar's Office has to manually enter your information into their system. Updates to courses in ACORN happen twice a day, so ACORN can be half a day behind in that regard.