Extending Time After A Quiz Ends

Sometimes a student has connection issues or a user override gets set up incorrectly and a student needs more time to finish their Quiz after it has already been submitted. There is a workaround that will allow them to take the Quiz a second time, but will also pull in the work from their previously submitted Quiz, thus allowing them to essentially pick up where they left off.

What we have to do is give them a second attempt and set things up so the second attempt builds on the first. This requires first making changes to the Quiz settings, and second setting a User override for that student.

  1. Go into your course in ACORN.
  2. Click on the appropriate Quiz.
  3. Click on the gear icon gear icon near the top right and select Edit settings (view image).
  4. Under the Grade section set Attempts allowed to 2 (view image).
  5. Under the Question behaviour section click on the Show more... link (view image) and set Each attempt builds on the last to Yes (view image).
  6. Scroll down and hit the Save and display button (view image).
  7. Click on the gear icon gear icon near the top right and select User overrides (view image).
  8. Click on Add user override (view image).
  9. Set the Require password, Open the quiz, Close the quiz, Time limit, and Attempts allowed settings for the particular student (view image). Remember that we are only giving extra time here, so we need to be careful how we set Close the quiz and Time limit. We need to be sure that there is a big enough window for the student to get back in and still have time to finish before their Time limit runs out.
    • Example 1: The student was entitled to time and a half for a 1hr midterm, but only received 1hr. The exam was over at 2pm. We need to make sure the student gets a full 30mins. It's already 2:15pm when we go to fix things up. So we set Close the quiz to 3pm and Time limit to 30mins.
    • Example 2: The student lost their internet connection 10mins before the exam ended and we want to give them enough time to finish and submit properly. The exam was over at 5pm and it's now 5:30pm. We set Close the quiz to 6pm and Time limit to 10mins.
  10. Click in the Search box and start typing in the student's name until you see it appear, then select it. It should replace the No selection text (view image).
  11. If you are only dealing with one student, click on the Save button. Otherwise, click on the Save and enter another override button, and repeat. When you set up the last student, be sure to click on the Save button (view image).
  12. You should now see the results of what you have set up. It's always a good idea to double-check the settings at this point (view image).