Group Overrides

In recent years, the number of online assessments and accommodations has increased. There are some settings in Moodle Quizzes that make it possible to give some students extra time to write while still maintaining the desired timings for the rest of your students.

There are two types of overrides available: User overrides and Group overrides. Following is more information on using User overrides. If you have a large number of students who require overrides, please contact us at so we can discuss setting this up without running into any privacy issues that can result if things are not set up properly. The process is similar but there are extra steps that need to be taken.

User and Group overrides

In most cases, it is easier and better to set up individual User overrides. You can find instructions here: It’s important to remember that if you have set a Close the quiz time in the Quiz settings, you will need to extend this same setting in your overrides. A combination of Open the quiz, Close the quiz, and Time limit settings are used. It is also good to have a few minutes of buffer time between the Open and Close times. This way, students will have a few extra minutes to get started but are still limited in how much time they get. In the example below, the student can start taking the quiz any time between 9 am and 9:30 am. They will get up to 25mins to write, depending on when they start. As long as they start by 9:05 am they will get the full 25 mins to write (Time limit). If they don’t start until 9:10 am, the Close time will come around before their full 25 min Time limit is up, so they will only get 20 mins. In other words, whichever limit is reached first will cause their quiz to be automagically submitted.

Setting overrides

If you have questions about students being permitted extra time to write and other accommodations, please contact Accessible Learning Services at They would be more than happy to discuss with you Acadia’s policies and the services they provide.