Communicating With Your Students

There are various ways to communicate with your students through Moodle (ACORN):

  • Quickmail - retains information on emails sent and has a number of useful options. The newest version of QuickMail has a few improvements that make it even better and more flexible than before. Good for information that needs to go out but may not need to be referred to later (e.g. class cancellations, reminders). For more information click here.
  • Announcements - a Forum that also sends emails to each student. Good for items that may need to be referred to later (e.g. important dates, updates to syllabus). Only teachers/instructors are able to post. An email is automatically sent out to all current participants in the course. This notification is sent to the email address associated with each user’s ACORN account.
  • Labels - text that shows up in your course's timeline. You can add a label by following these instructions:
    • Log into ACORN and enter your course.
    • Near the top right corner of the window, click on the Turn editing on button. This button toggles between Turn editing on and Turn editing off (view image).
    • Click on the Add an activity or resource link in the appropriate week or topic, then click on Label under the Resources tab.
    • Enter your desired Label text and format as you like using the editing toolbar.
    • Click the Save and return to course button.
    • You can use the crossed arrows crossed arrow on the course page to click and drag your label to wherever you’d like.