Education Course Template

Here are the instructions for importing the Education Course Template into your course. Make sure you obtain the zip file first (BEd_template.mbz).

  1. Log into ACORN and enter your new course.
  2. Near the top right corner of the window, click on the gear icon gear icon and select Restoreup arrow (view image).
  3. Drag and drop the backup file (BEd_template.mbz) into the file box (1) and then click on the Restore button (2) (view image). If you have any trouble dragging and dropping the file, here are detailed instructions on uploading the old-timey way.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Continue button (view image).
  5. Scroll down to Restore into this course, make sure the Merge the backup course into this course option (1) is selected, then click on the Continue button (2) (view image).
  6. Scroll down and click on the Next button (view image).
  7. Scroll down yet again and click on the Next button yet again (view image).
  8. Scroll down once again (with feeling) and click on the Perform restore button (view image).
  9. Very quickly you should be notified that "The course was restored successfully...". Click on the Continue button (almost there!) (view image).
  10. Success!