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ACORN vs Moodle

ACORN is the name given to Acadia's Learning Management System (LMS). Moodle is a free open-source web application designed to help educators create effective online learning communities. ACORN is hosted on a server running Moodle.

Where Do I Find ACORN?

ACORN is located at

Online Moodle Book

This online book is an excellent place to start learning about Moodle. It was written for version 1.4, but much of the content is still very relevant for the version being used at Acadia (1.9).

Open Acadia Moodle Help Pages

This web page was developed by Open Acadia to explain how to add files to Moodle.

ACME and Moodle

Here is the PowerPoint presentation on ACME and Moodle.

Changes with Latest Moodle Version Upgrade

The major new features of the latest Moodle (release: 1.9+, build: 20080507, version: 2007101509) are listed in Changes with Latest Moodle Version Upgrade.

Contacting and Working with Moodle Open Source Community

Contacting and Working with Moodle Open Source Community contains important information for those who want to contact and/or work with the Moodle open source community to improve Moodle.

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